About SJO


Whimsical jewelry made by hand in LA by Savannah Sjostrom.

Amid the rise of minimalist designers in Los Angeles, Savannah Sjostrom’s unapologetically playful, vibrant, and whimsical jewelry is a refreshing standout. Growing up on a ranch just outside the city, she was encouraged from a very young age to explore creatively, which ultimately led to her decision to study fashion design at Otis College and art history at UCLA. At the former, she had an internship with Rodarte and at the latter, she took a gig at the school’s Hammer Museum and worked on special runway projects for Jeremy Scott.

Upon inspection of her jewelry line—laden with colorful tassels, worldly charms, Swarovski crystals, Lucite beads and more—it’s easy to see how all her influences and work experiences came together. The resulting aesthetic makes SJO’s shoulder-grazing earrings, charm bracelets, and statement necklaces (among so many other pieces) feel fun, festive, and even celebratory—basically, it’s practically impossible not to smile when you see them.

-Ashley Tibbits for Almanac of Style