Riviera Single Tassel Necklace

Riviera Single Tassel Necklace

126.75 195.00

The Riviera Tassel Necklace is a dazzling delight, made with a rainbow array of sparkling Swarovski crystals, pearls and hand knotted tassels all strung by hand.

Each necklace is unique - no two are exactly alike!

Mesaures approximately 30” in length

Handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

Color Options -

Main Image + Third Image - Fruit Punch with Rainbow Tassel

Second Image (from left) - Dark Multi with Rainbow Tassel, Rainbow Multi with Cream Tassel, Jewel Multi with Rainbow Tassel

Fourth Image - Dark Multi with Rainbow Tassel

Fifth - Rainbow Multi with Cream Tassel

Sixth Image - Jewel Multi with Rainbow Tassel

Seventh & Eighth Image - Pastel Rainbow with Lavender Tassel

Ninth & Tenth Image - Rainbow with Black Tassel

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