Kanha Carousel Charm Bracelet

Kanha Carousel Charm Bracelet

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The Kanha Charm Bracelet was inspired by the beauty and mystique of India's native wildlife, the sacred Holi Festival and the Pushkar Camel Fair. Named for the wildlife sanctuary located in Madhya Pradesh, this bracelet features hand painted wooden animal beads from India including ponies, tigers, camels, rhinos, elephants, and antelopes! These animal charms are surrounded by a multicolored array of vintage and contemporary Swarovski crystals, rayon tassels and iridescent lucite star beads, hung on etched matte gold plated chain. 

Each bracelet is unique and will vary slightly. Handmade in Los Angeles, CA.

About the Inspiration ::: The Kanha wildlife sanctuary is located in the land that inspired Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book" and is now the best place in the country to spot the royal Bengal Tiger. The majestic Bengal Tiger has been a national symbol of India since the 25th century BCE. An emblem of strength and mystic power, the tiger even holds a position in the Hindu pantheon - Durga, the principal form of the Goddess in Hinduism is depicted riding into battle on her tigress, Damon. 

Holi is a spring festival which is known as the "festival of colors" or "the festival of sharing love." Participants in the festival chase and cover each other in a polychromatic array of dry powders and colored water, resulting in an explosion of riotous color all over the streets. Every year during the fall, thousands of people descend upon Pushkar Lake in Rajasthan to participate in the annual Pushkar camel fair. Camels are adorned with spectacular tassels, pom poms and embroidered textiles in beautiful, vibrant colors.

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